Serge Sidi Michaud was born in Geneva Switzerland the 4th december. His passion for percussion instruments grew up since his early ages, when he received a small drum as a present at 4 years old. He began the study of modern drumming after 10 years of learning and playing marching drums, with the fifes and drums of the popular musics conservatory of Geneva.

Serge created the Rivage band with some friends in 1980, and after playing concerts in France and Switzerland, he recorded his first album in 1982. The band splitted in 1985, and Serge went to the
Musicians Institute in Los Angeles U.S.A. Where he get his professional drummer diploma in 1987.

Back to Geneva he played with different bands of music, and touring with the rock band The Tontons Flingueurs in Italy, Spain, Germany, France as well as Switzerland. In 1990 the band recorded the CD “Mama Told Me” and this album was a success, the CD's were quickly sold out.

In 1993, Serge created with the guitarist Yves Staubitz and the bass player Patrick Pegaitaz the blues band
Fullsteps, joined in 1994 by Sandrine Dumont at the voice, they are playing in blues clubs as well as summer festivals in Switzerland and France.

In 1995, Serge travelled in Malaysia and met the best producers of Malaysian Music Industry, who asked him to stay in Kuala Lumpur as a drums sessionist. He recorded many productions projects, and played live shows during 4 years long. He keep a very good memory of this world music experience, and he's still travelling every year in Malaysia, giving drums teaching, drums workshops and recording sessions.

From 2000 till 2020, Serge shared his time between Malaysia and Switzerland, playing and recording with the following artists: Cool Blast Blues Gang, Léo and Co, Les bananes flambées, Cherino, The Bluecats, Frenchy, Ricky King Russel, Man Keedal, Royce Saayan, Sidewalk Blues Gang.

Serge started teaching drums in 1988, and step by step created his own teaching method called Full Steps Into Drums, in which he let every students, developing their own musical sensitivity.

Every month he publish online drums exercises which are inspired by the scores of the masters drummer of the planet that he fully detailed for each levels of fullstepsdrums.